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My aunt and I are flying into Rome. We have a 3 week trip planned. The final week is going to be spent in Ireland w/ relatives. The first 2 weeks are still undecided, but narrowed down. I choose 2. My aunt chooses 1. Which do you suggest for a 2wk trip???

  1. Rome, train to Paris, visiting Bruges/Brussels, fly from Paris to Ireland.

  2. Rome, train to Munich, visiting Salzburg/Bavaria, fly from Munich to Ireland.

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Can't comment on which your prefer or how you will resolve it, but you might want to at least consider airfare from Rome (versus the train).

Also I think #1 could be improved logistically by either (a) flying to Ireland from Brussels, not Paris, or (b) flying from Rome to Brussels, then heading to Paris.

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Regarding Paris versus Munich, choosing etween the two is a matter of personal preference. If it were simply a choice between Paris and Munich, head to head, many travelers (but certainly not all) would choose Paris.

Have either of you been to any of these destinations before?

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One thought to consider: You can do Salzburg and other spots in Bavaria as day trips from Munich home base. Brussels could be done as a day trip from Paris home base, but adding Bruges would require an overnight. Both cities are great (although very different), so there's no way you can make a bad choice.

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Paris wins out, especially if you have never been.

Trust your Aunt on this one!

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I gave you lots of my opinions already... but... if your Aunt wants the first one -- do the first one.

We'll all help flesh out the details for you -- though I'm less useful on Paris recommendations than Munich recommendations.... ;)

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Choice one,, BUT , I would fly from Rome to Paris, its cheap and faster then train. I visited Brussels once,, a daytrip,,it was only ok in my book.

There are tons of daytrips to do out of Paris though,, Giverny(Monets gardens are lovely) , Versailles, Chantilly , Fontainbleu, Chartes, etc etc. You could also then Eurostar to London cheaply and spent 2-3 days there, then fly to Ireland.

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If you and your aunt have already voted, I'm not sure why it makes any difference what any of us would do. Either option would make a great vacation. If you can't agree, flip a coin.