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1st trip to rome

in sept i will be going to rome for the 1st time, and for that matter anywhere in europe.i will be going with a group of 13. i seen a lot of issues on money on this board.we are staying at the santa chiara in rome. if taking large amounts of cash, say 1000,1500, would not the hotel safe be a good place to keep it and use as needed. any other info or suggestions would be welcomed steve

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steve - have you actually read the posts on money??? DO NOT carry that kind of cash or hand it over to anyone. Use your ATM card as needed to pull out from your bank account what you need for 2-3 days at a time.

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Never take that kind of money with you as you travel. There are too many horror stories about travelers who, despite taking every precaution, get robbed.

I never take more than 50 one dollar bills to use in negotiating. And seldom use half of them. I use my MasterCard for most purchases.

For 20 years I always have used ATMs to buy local cudrrency.

They are easy to find and convenient to use. Thousands of travelers use them. Read the section on Graffiti Wall called "ATMs: minimizing fees".

Also read the archives section on that subject. You will find hundreds of answers to your question.

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Stephen - congrats on your first trip to Rome. Russ and Carl give good advice. No need to bring that kind of cash as there ARE plenty of ATM's available and they give the best rates! Use a money belt and you'll be fine. Albergo Santa Chiara is in a great location and will certainly enhance your trip! Have fun!