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1st time Traveler to Western Europe

Quick question for ll you savvy people. I have a valid passport and am traveling to Spain, France and Germany next week. Do I need to do anything special for my passport, like a stamp or something? Or does it get stamped once I arrive? Any little tidbits anyone would like to share?

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The only thing you need to do with it is produce it when requested. Plan to show it before you board your flight, at immigration control when you get to Europe and possibly at hotels. Enjoy!

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Of course, the assumption is that you are a US citizen. Europe really has no borders these days. Once you have enter, you are good for the other countries. All you need is a passport and money.

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Miguel, Your Passport will be stamped at the first entry point in the E.U. (Spain?) and again when you leave (Germany?). I assume you're travelling on a U.S. Passport, and won't be staying longer than 90-days??? As you're travelling next week, it's a bit late to offer much advice. Be sure to wear a Money Belt! I assume you have all the "small items" you'll need such as Plug Adapters (if you're travelling with any electronic items), and that you've checked to ensure that those items are designed for use on 220 VAC electrical systems? Happy travels!

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You get a stamp coming & going..from the EU that is. Make sure you get your "going" stamp as that has been my only issue with immigration. If you fly into a typically "domestic" airport like Genoa, Lyon, etc, this is likely and I just specify I'm heading across the Atlantic. Otherwise, you are fine.