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1st time to Paris and it was great!

Thanks to all of you for all the great advice.
-Metro was great after day two
-We stayed out doors and only did the major museums
-We did not make a day of Versailles, only 5 hours total. Road bikes in the gardens and ate lunch
-Disneyland was a nice break, but would not do it again.
-We did everything very early in the mornings or late evenings and we had no problems
-Our largest crowd was the Eiffel Tower and that was only about one hour wait.
-We used the ATM in the airport on arrival and that was a great start
-Museum pass saved time
-Best cheap souvenirs (and Crepes) were around Norte Dame (I thought)
-The apartment was great and the location was just perfect
-Because there are tons of Starbucks, we bought coffee and pastries just to have the code for the restrooms (keep your receipt, same code all day)
-There are two free public restrooms at Norte Dame (Front and back)
Thanks again to all - Mainly Ed

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That's a good tip about the Starbucks bathrooms but we go to Paris every year these days, most recently in October, and I've only ever seen one! Maybe they are closer to the touristy attraction that we did years ago and don't see them? Where did you see so many?

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If you go to google maps and type in "Paris, france starbucks", you will be shocked! When my 7 year old found out they served donuts (Better than back home - his words), he had an eagle eye looking for that green sign. The coffee is not as good as the local coffee, but the bathrooms were clean and no line.

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Glad to hear that you had a good time! Like most of us here, I suspect you're already planning the next trip.

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Loved your post Stacey, thanks! Do you mind sharing where the apartment you rented was and what agency you used?

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I have a question about the Starbucks tip - is the code specific to the store you bought your coffee in? Or usuable at any Paris Starbucks on that day?