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Rome in January?

Has anyone traveled to Rome in the beginning of January? Is the weather pleasant enough to tour around-or will it be too cold/rainy to enjoy?

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Kent, thanks for the reply. I realize the weather can and will vary. Guess i'm hoping for some reassurance from someone who's been in January that we won't miss out on all the ambiance of Rome if we have to spend so much time indoors! We are trying to squeeze in a visit while accomodating college students schedules! My son is studying architecture and is anxious to go but not convinced of a January trip. Lesser crowds is a definate plus but we are hoping that lots of restaurants etc. won't be closed. There's one way to find out-go!!!

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As pointed out above, the weather can be quite variable. We were in Rome for the New Year about 2.5 years ago. We spent 6 days in Rome - the first was quite rainy and the next 5 were pleasant. Note that we had come from the North and it was bitterly cold in Venice and Florence. We actually got a lot of snow in Florence when we were there (1st time in 17 years or so the locals said).

Hence, be prepared and don't be surprised if the weather is miserable. However, it does seem that Rome is warmer than Florence or Venice.

Check out weatherunderground (tripplanner) for historical records which will give you a good idea of what it may be like.

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I was in Rome over New Year's about six years ago. I thought the weather was perfect for touring. It didn't hold us back at all, and really, it wasn't too bad (especially compared to Wisconsin winters where foot after foot of snow and below zero temperatures aren't uncommon). I remember wearing just a fleece jacket, and I maybe brought out gloves if it got a little chilly. We spent plenty of time touring and walking outdoors. I don't remember it ever raining.