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Has anyone here travelled to Iceland? If so, what books, websites, etc. did you use? We always use a Rick Steves guide as our Bible while in other parts of Europe, but without one for Iceland, we’re a little lost.

Also, our plans are pretty open, what is the best time of year to visit? And is it really as expensive as people make it out to be?

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Here's a link: click here for link to Iceland prior discussionsand search, upper right box, on Iceland for more.

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  1. We just used an AA Essential Guide but that is a British Book. If you type in Visit Iceland into Google you'll get a couple of good sites

  2. Best time to visit is really up to you and what matters to you. The high season is certainly July/August with the most temperate weather. Also this is when rooms are the most expensive. We went in April just before prices changed and were happy with the balance between weather and prices. Do note early spring/late fall can be interesting with minimal light, cold temperatures but the juxtaposition can be interesting with the northern lights and the blue lagoon.

  3. It is quite expensive like most Scandanavian countries. If budget is an issue we found strategies like filling up on breakfast, drinking water instead of cola and alcohol, and considering take away for dinner to help save money.

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I am reading with interest your question about Iceland and replies. I had heard the dollar goes a longer way in Iceland because of their economic situation right now, but maybe that is wrong. It looks like a place to go in it's warm season. I think one of the recent James Bond movies featured Iceland. You might want to read this article on their economy....

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Thank you all for your responses. And yes, I had heard the same thing about their economy, but was wondering if it was really that much of a difference anymore? I’ll be sure to read the posted article.

April sounds like it might be a good time to go. We typically do most of our European travel in mid March for some of the same reasons. The weather seems to keep away a lot of the crowds and also keeps down prices. Though I’m sure April in Reykjavik would be a little colder than March in London.

I’ll see if I can’t find the AA Guide here, or perhaps have a friend in Birmingham send me one along with my quarterly shipment of Coleman’s and Cadbury’s!

Thanks again all- Kent, Mike and Marie - for your help.

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I went there many years ago and really enjoyed the sights and experience. Check out Icelandic Airlines..........they have package deals.........if you want to go on to Europe........