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17yo flying to Dubrovnik

My 17yo daugher will be flying with a group of close friends to Dubrovnik this summer. All others in the group will be 18. Are there any additional documents she should carry with her to facilitate easy travel-besides passport and drivers license? When her school has taken groups out of the country, they have had parents fill out a notarized letter stating the student has permission to be traveling and which adult will be responsible. They will be leaving from SFO, thru Frankfurt and then on to Dubrovnik. She has travelled internationally with us and is very airport savvy.Any advice is appreciated.

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Malinda-I'll be interested if anyone says that she should carry additional documents. My 17 year old also went post HS with her 18 year old friends and I debated whether to give permission to her best friend to act as the "adult" in case of a health emergency! I did not send her with anything and she did not (thank goodness) have any serious problems. Her friends were envious, however, as she as often able to get a discounted admission to musesums and such since she was 17. She did have problems getting into some clubs in London as they had an 18 year old minimum.

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Malinda - A call to the Croatian consulate in Los Angeles might be helpful. They should know if there are any special documentation requirements for minors entering the country without a parent. The number is 310-477-1009. Doubt there will be any issues in Frankfurt as that's only a transfer point.

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The minimum drinking age all over Europe is 18.
Speaking of "other" documents, I don't see any others besides those you mentioned earlier.
Also transiting thru a country, does not require any additional documents.
I think Canada is the only country that requires travellers to clear the customs.
She will only need a driver license if she drives, but she won't be able to, minimum age for driving in Europe is 18.
To make sure, I would call the Croatian consulate.

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Drinking age in Croatia is indeed 18 but I'd be surprised if she is not allowed to drink in restaurants. And the minimum varies all over Europe - France, for instance is 16.