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money belt

I know that Rick really recommends the money belt or necklace, son who went to Europe before used a drawstring bag on his back that are very popular now. It has an inner zippered pocket that he put his stuff in. You can't get into them unless you take them off. He felt it was very safe and more convenient than the money belt I had gotten for him. He is studying in London this summer and wants to use that again. Does anyone see a problem with that?

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Do you mean a drawstring backpack that he wears on his back? If not, could you give us a better example.

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That bag can be cut opened with a razor blade and its contents removed; very easy to do on a crowded subway. But if he's going to be studying he'll be more of a resident, rather than a tourist. Thieves prefer to go after folks carrying the most cash: tourists. If he's going to be doing some sightseeing on the weekend, he should use a money belt/neck pouch.

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It is more like a bag than a backpack. It has a drawstring on either side that you put over each arm and then it is closed. I agree that it could easily be slit with a knife. He was in a school group before and didn't have any problems. He will be a student but will be traveling off time, sometimes by himself. He tried a money belt and felt it was a pain. Thanks for any input, I will discuss it with him.

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Maybe he thinks a moneybelt is a pain because he ac cesses it for every little purchase. He should still have a wallet or money clip in a front pocket with enough for lunch and small purchases. Say 20-40 euros. But the bulk of his cash, and passport, should be inaccessible to the rest of the world. He can access it in a restroom and pull out the cash he needs. Remind him in your best motherly way that he also hasn't been struck by lightning lately but that doesn't mean he should stand outside in a thunderstorm holding a golf club in the air.

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Bev, I would not advise to put anything on his back that he wouldn't mind getting stolen. Its not just the knives but also the quick hands that reaches in... even if it is "closed", a pack on the back is still accessible.

I would advise him that IF he plans on doing that again, to put only enough money for one days worth. That way if his bag were to get lost, stolen, or pickpocket, he wouldn't be out much money.