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17 days to spend in Croatia

Am planning a trip May 10-27 (not including travel time) to Croatia. Arriving Zagreb, and departing Dubrovnik. Am planning on rental car. How would you plan this trip? So far, I have planned Zagreb 3 days,Pula 2 days, Rovinj 2 days, Plitvice Lakes 1 or 2 days, Split 2 days, islands (Korcula,Hvar, Vis 3 days, Dubrovnik, balance of time. How would you plan this trip?

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We didn't care for Zagreb at all. We didn't go
Vis, so can't comment on that. We used Rovinj
for 3 days and took day trips to Pula, etc.
There is also a village up in the mountains that
was interesting. Motovan (sp?). There is
another town, Opatija that we liked. Very upscale,
beautiful mansions and a lovely setting on the bay.
It is near Rijeka.
We spent 1 1/2 days in Plitvice. 1 day in Split
was enough for us. We spent the night in Trogir,
a small island acessed by a bridge It was a wonderful
oasis after being in Split. It is about 1/2 hr
north of Split.
We spent 3 night on Hvar. 1 night spent in a
small fishing village called Milet. All the people
in the village are related in someway. We watched
the boats come in, in the morning, bringing in the
catch for home and the restaurants. Loved it.
If you have time do go south to Montenegro.
Dubrovnik was sooooo spectacular.

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Thanks for your reply. Have additional questions based on your reply. As far as Zagreb goes, aren't there side trips from Zagreb such as castles, Tito's home that would make it interesting? Concerning Plitvice, would you recommend arriving the night before, spending a full day, and that night and then proceed to Split? Concerning Split, we plan to use it as a base for day trips to Hvar, Korcula, and stay in the same hotel in Split-thus saving repacking. Another question- would you ditch the car in Dubrovnik to save parking and crime risks, or keep car to make day trip to Montenegro? Dale