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16 Days / 15 Nights Rome to Munich

So at this point I've booked a flight, and two Hotels I fly into Rome and leave from Munich, and so far have booked hotels in Paris and Munich (it started off as a trip to Oktoberfest and grew) In my head this route works, but that's coming from a fan of road trips and taking in multiple sights a day Arrive in Rome at 9AM on Saturday morning (first Saturday of September) Have a hotel picked out but not yet booked, that would 3 Nights in Rome 1 Day Pisa/Genoa/Milan (Just spending the night in Milan) 2 Nights in Bern/Murten 3 Nights total in Paris From here it's where I'm a bit flustered, I'd like to take the train over to Belgium, but can't decide where I would like to spend the day, thinking Brugges but the next day would be traveling to Aachen and Cologne (just to see the respective Cathedrals), so I don't know if I'd be better off just going to Brussels or perhaps Luxembourg if that would be easier. 1 Night Belgium (or Luxembourg) 1 Day Aachen / Cologne and catch a late train to Berlin 2 Nights 1 Day Berlin either do a walking tour or bike tour around the sights in the Reichstag 1 Night onto Prague
3 Days / 2 Nights Munich Yeah it's a lot, but I think doing the short trips should keep it manageable. Any suggestions? Changes?

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