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15 day trip to Europe

We are planning a trip to Europe June 25th through July 9. We are planning to fly to Rome staying four days then traveling via the eurail to Luzern for 3-4 days then to Zurich for 1 night continuing to the Balck Forest area of Germany for -34 days and then ending in Denmark for 3-4 days. Is this possible or do we have too much land and sights to see in this amount of time

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That seems a bit "ambitious" for a 15-day trip, especially consdering the trip to Denmark.

A few thoughts that come to mind after reading your proposed Itinerary:

  • you'll have to allow for adequate travel times between cities.

  • have you counted the day you'll lose in flight times in your calculations?

  • four days in Rome is good, but plan your touring carefully so that you don't waste ANY time.

  • is one night in Zurich worth the effort? You might drop one day in Lucerne?

  • I'm assuming you were planning to use "open jaw" flights?

Good luck with your planning!

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You can do it in 15 days; but everyone travels at a different pace. Depends on how much you want to see, how much time you use for travel, how many museums and historical sights you visit.

In other words, assume your plans to be tentative and change them as you go so you can get back to your departure city to make your flight home. Your plan will require that you be very flexible.

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Air Berlin has a €137 flight(taxes/fees included) from Stuttgart to Copenhagen if that's any help? (Seems like a lot of money to me but if you'd rather spend your time seeing the towns rather than spending 12 hours on the train, it's worth it!)

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Sounds doable to me but make sure you spend enough time enjoying each destination. Have you tried figuring out the point-to-point ticket costs? It may come out cheaper than a Eurail. Doesn't hurt to sometime to researching.