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Traveling alone

I am working on researching solo travel for young women and was you anyone would be able to answer the questions below for me. The more people that answer, the better I can understand. A lot of the questions are geared toward the demographic of women between the age of 18 and 30, even if you don't fit into the demographic I would be interested in your answers. Thanks!

Do you prefer to travel alone or in a group?

How often do you travel alone?

In your travels, how often do you come across independent female travelers?

In your personal opinion do you feel that it is safe for women to internationally travel on their own?

What differences, if any, have you noticed when traveling independently and when traveling with others?

Do you think that a resource guide for independent female travelers would be of great use?

More specifically, would you be interested if the guide was geared towards 18-30 year old women who are looking to travel on a student’s or new graduate’s budget?

With the mounting tension between certain countries, have you encounter any misunderstandings, or uncomfortable situations during your travels?

As a young women, do you feel that you would more likely be taken advantage of or given assistance when you ask for help?

To you find it easier or harder as an independent female travel to adapt to the cultures that you visit?

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