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Do you know about this ? An Art exhibit entitled "ROMAN ART FROM THE LOUVRE" is traveling in the United States of America. It is now at the Seattle Art Museum in Seattle, Washington, through May 4, 2008. It will be at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma June 19 - October 12, 2008. The exhibit consists of 184 items made by ancient Romans. Includes : several white marble sculptures of Roman Emperors (life size, and larger), Sculptures of the Gods Jupiter and Athena and other dieties and a griffin, mozaics, gold jewelry, frescoes, glass vessels, bronze lamps. Some of the items were from Pompei and Herculaneum. Half of the items in the exhibit were in storage in the Louvre art museum in Paris France for a
long time. My source of information is the SPRINGFIELD NEWS-LEADER newspaper of Springfield, Missouri. This year the Roman Art section of the Louvre is closed for renovation.

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Yep--I've been pestering my parents to go with me, perhaps for my birthday next month. Can't wait!

For those in Seattle, through April 6th, the "Gates of Paradise" by Lorenzo Ghiberti are also on view.

From the SAM website:

This exhibition marks the first time that the gilded bronze panels have traveled to the United States since their creation over 550 years ago. Generations of admirers have praised the monumental doors of the Florence baptistery for their compelling portrayal of scenes from the Old Testament and their innovative treatment of architectural space.


After they tour four cities in the United States, including Seattle, the panels will return to Florence to be reassembled within the original doors and kept in an oxygen-free environment at the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, never to leave Florence again

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My wife and I live in the Seattle area and attended the exhibit yesterday - it is excellent! All the items on exhibit are well displayed and the written explanations do a great job of explaining both the pieces and their historical context. The Ghiberti door panels display was especially well done. We joined a free hour long curator-led tour (1:00 and 2:30 pm) that I can honestly say was the best museum led tour I've ever experienced. If you can - see this show.

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we live here in seattle and went over the weekend. terrifically presented.