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Packing cubes

I have a dumb questions about packing cubes. Ok, I understand you use them to pack socks, underwear, etc. to save space. Now, my questions is after you wear the items, you certainly, don't put them back in the cube. You have to put them with the dirty clothes. My trip is fairly short, so I don't plan to wash clothes, so now I have a half full cube, plus my dirty clothes container. Am I missing something here?

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You might consider taking an extra empty packing cube of a different color and use that one for dirty clothing...or simply take a zip lock bag of a larger size and place your dirty items in there.

I usually wash my clothing along the way, and don't come home with much more than the last day's worn clothing.

I love packing cubes to organize and keep my packing from "exploding"! The cubes make me think about how much I'm taking, and makes me think about keeping the bag neat each day.

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I take an empty compression bag. As the clothes get to the point where I won't wear them again, they go in the bag to keep them separated and the to keep everything else in the suitcase fresh.

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I, too, take an empty compression bag for dirty clothes. And I usually wash out underwear, socks, etc., each night or at most every other night, and bigger items every few days or so, so it's not like there's a ton of dirty clothes outside the cubes by the end of the trip.

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About the only time we have dirty clothes is the last three days of the trip. We do pack a small, book bag size, cheap nylon bag that becomes the dirty clothes bag if we plan to hit a laundromat. If not the only dirty clothes we have is what we are wearing. On the return flight home everything is dirty, and checked.

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One idea: Eagle Creek sells a two sided packing cube with a flexible waterproof divider. Move the dirty socks/underwear from the clean side to the dirty side as you go, so the total amount of space taken up in your suitcase stays the same.