12 hours in the airport

Hi, on my return from Spain I have a 12 hour (night) layover in the Amsterdam airport. Any suggestions on getting some sleep there?
Thanks, Tamara

Posted by Frank II
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Located in the actual terminal building. You book by the hour so no need to pay for an entire day.

Posted by Tim
Kansas City
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Previous posters have pointed out the airport itself has hotel/sleep options. However, if you have never been to Amsterdam, I would really the echo the notion of the taking the train into town and spending time and/or the night there and head back the airport for your flight. The train station is so close to reasonable hotel options and the transit time is so reliable- and Amsterdam is so spectacular at night- worth considering, IMHO.

Posted by Evan
South Glens Falls, NY, USA
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Stay at a Yotel and relax or take the train to the city centre and see some sights.

Posted by Chris
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It's Amsterdam at night!!! Why would you ever sleep?? ;)

Posted by travelfan
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See if any of the airport hotels would rent a room as a day room. Some of the hotels at LAX do that - I rented one for the day - had to check out by 5pm but it was nice, took a shower, got room service and relaxed and watched tv.

What was nice is because I had checked my luggage all the way through to my final destination and was checked in too, when I went back to the airport I went straight through security and had no problems