12 Days trip to Europe

Dear travellers,
I plan to go for a 12 days (flight time incl.) journey in Europe by end of Jan'09. Any suggestions could be? I'd been to Italy (mainly Rome, Florence, Venice & Milan) for a 13 days trip in Feb this year. As all I know it is an off-peak season travel to Europe in Jan/Feb every year. It's almost a coolest climate in Europe around. No matter how, I would spend my whole journey in a country rather than split it into several country. Please advise! Thanks!

Posted by Kent
Pacific Northwest
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Paris is doable in the winter, although cool and damp with very short days. Works if you're an indoor museum kind of person, with so many metro stations you almost never have to come above ground until you're ready to go to the next museum or restaurant. World class art museums and restaurants--not a bad way to spend 12 days next winter!

Posted by traveller1791
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Thank you for your recommendation. Paris is one of the places I am considering. What I'm thinking is I want to spend a day/maybe more to visit winery chateau in Bordeaux or somewhere around. Do you know are they open for visit in winter time? Is it very expensive and can we go by ourselves or should join a tour for visit. Many thanks!!!

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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I like to go South when it's cold. Since you have seen Italy and I assume you want to see something new, here are a couple of choices that IMO would work well:

  1. Spain or Spain and Portugal
  2. Southern France and Paris
  3. Greece

They should be relatively warm (except Paris) but not horribly hot and humid as they could be later in the year.

Posted by Jim
Houston, TX, USA
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Susan, my wife and I spent 15 days in Paris and in champagne. Stayed at an incredible chateau, about 50 km west of Reims, Chateau De Fere. http://www.chateaudfere.com/
Dress warmly and expext some - light - rain. We rented a car and had a great time exploring off the regular tourist path. We met some great people and had a marevelous time.


Posted by Adam
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Susan, I think you could arrange to taste some wine. However, Bordeaux is far from Paris, and many of the places that offer tastings in the summer will be closed or on winter hours.

I think the weather and the darkness argues for staying where there are evening amusements, indoor attractions, and warm cafes. Paris is perfect, you could also have a good time (and find some wine) in Lyon.