12 days for London, Amsterdam, & Prague- how would you allocate the time?

We are headed to Europe for our honeymoon in July, and are flying into London early on July 9th, then flying out of Prague on July 19th. The rest is pretty open- we'd love to visit Amsterdam in between.

We were thinking of July 9,10,11th in London, travel to Amsterdam on the 12th- stay there the 12th, 13th, 14th, then travel to Prague on the 15th for the rest of our trip. I just went to skycanner.net and sadly noticed there are NO flights listed from Amsterdam to Prague on the 15th when we prefer to travel, so not sure if we need to add or subtract a day there- or are there other sights where I can find a flight on that day?

Do you think we are allocating enough time in each city? Should we give any one city more or less time than what we've planned?

Also, is flying between cities the best/shortest time route to take (London-Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Prague). Looks like we can get one way flights for about $60/person, each flight taking about 1 1/2 hours.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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Something else to consider, there is a new direct overnight train between Amsterdam and Prague. Its a 14 hour journey leaving Amsterdam 7pm arrive Prague 9:13am. You can book on-line at this site:


Posted by sidney
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Try Skyeurope.com. They show a flight from Amsterdam to Parague on July 15 leaving at 21:20 and arriving at 21:50.

Posted by Julene
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Great suggestions!

On the train website, I read this:

"Depending on the night train, you have the choice between compartments with 1, 2 or 3 berths. You can decide yourself how many people you would like to share the compartment with. The sleeper car area is divided by sex, so if you are travelling with your partner, you will have to occupy your own compartment. If you are travelling alone in the sleeper car, single occupancy would then be required."

Does this mean that my husband and I would need to book 2 separate single sleeping compartments, or would we reserve a compartment with 2 berths? I"ve never seen one of these trains. I would prefer, if we go this option, that we have some kind of sleeping arrangements where we can lie totally flat. Having a private compartment for the 2 of us would be ideal. For those of you with experience on these overnight trains, what arrangements do you recommend?

Also, what is a "day couch?"

Posted by Brad
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I would spend more time in London and less in A'dam. The quantity and quality of sites in A'dam is significantly lower than London (Think Austin vs. South Padre Island or maybe New York vs New Orleans).

I would fly. The price on the low cost airlines is so much better than a train these days, it's just not convenient to lose both time and money going by rail.

Posted by Margie
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I would also consider the train between London and Amsterdam. London to Brussels by Eurostar and then a transfer into Amsterdam. Certainly worth comparing prices.

Posted by Ron
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Julene, I recommend : fly between the cities. I think the number of days that you allocated for each city is good. Perhaps you could go on a day trip from Prague.