11 Days in Europe - What To Do??

My brother is graduating from Richmond University in London on May 15th. Due to going to Europe to visit him last fall I only have 11 full days available to spend in Europe this time. I do not want to spend the whole time in London as I spent 6 days last fall and because of the expense. Any suggestions on where to spend about 7-8 days? I will be staying at hostels (unless there is a comparable priced B&B) so I am looking at keeping the costs as low as possible.

I'm thinking about possibly visiting Paris again as I only had 2.5 days there before. Any suggestions on places that are not to be missed? I visited London; Marrakech, Morocco, Paris; Munich & Rothenburg, Germany; Vienna; & Prague in the fall. I will be most likely traveling solo after London. I enjoy museums to a certain extent, but I mostly like taking in the atmosphere and culture of the place I'm visiting.

Posted by Kelly
Columbus, Ohio, USA
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Also I should probably mention I will most likely be flying in and out of London as that is the cheapest airfare I can find, around $600. I've tried multiple open-jaw options and the price jumps to around $1,000+

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hey Kelly,
Where would you like you like to go? Do you want to stay in London?

If you want to go from London to Paris, you can fly easyjet. They are having a sale right now and you get 25 percent off fares...I think the sale ends soon though, so act fast.

Eurostar is another option to get down to Paris. However, it usually ends up being rather expensive, so I think flying low-cost airlines is the way to go.

From Paris you can go many other places in France and Europe as well. You can take night trains to get to other countries, or you can take the TGV to get around France.

Tell us more about where you want to go and we can make more suggestions...

Posted by Kelly
Columbus, Ohio, USA
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The reason for my trip is to see my brother graduate in London. However, I only plan to stay a few days there as it is expensive. I looked up eurostar fares and round trip to/from Paris would be $154. I thought that was fairly reasonable (and was less overall than buying an open-jaw flight). Also I found that eurostar was less hassle than flying last fall. So I think that would be my preferred method. I will look into the airline you talked about above though.

I think I would like to visit Paris again. I spent such a short time there last fall I did not get to explore much - just hit the highlights. Would there be any day trips worth my time from Paris. Or perhaps a nice town nearby & reachable by train to spend a night or two in? I don't plan on renting a car, but only taking public transportation.

Posted by pat
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I think you have made some smart choices. That is a good fare for Eurostar( book early for cheapest they go up) since even to fly you have to add costs of getting to airport in London, from airport to Paris and back again, that adds up and takes time. Eruostar can save time and money.
I also think Paris is good because if you have only spent 2 or 3 days there ,, you haven't even scratched the surface yet, plus there are many easy and fun daytrip options available to you from Paris, that you can do on your own cheaply too.
Look at (google) Perfect Hotel in Paris, not a hostel, but a cheap hotel in a decent area,where you can go really really cheap and share a w.c, or pay a bit more for a private w.c.the reviews written on it at tripadvisor.com are all fairly happy with it as a clean budget choice.

Have fun, and if you have about 25 euros to spare I highly reccommend taking a Fat Tire Bike tour of Paris at night, includes a boat tour and it was really really fun. Google for site

Posted by Andreas
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Berlin is one of the most sizzling yet one of the cheapest of the European metropolis'. It's accessible by air from London via Ryanair, from Paris via Easyjet, AirBerlin. For Berlin and Potsdam (the castles) you need 3 days.

Posted by JOHN
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11 days? Stick to one country. Unless you want to go to cities in another country just to say you have been there, save them for another trips so you can experience the countries.

Posted by JS
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sounds like Paris is a greatlace for you. but do not discount all the wonderful places near London either. Consider Bath, Stonehenge, Avebury, Cotswolds, Windsor, canterbury York,you could do by bus saving GBP.