Loire valley

My adult son and I will be in France for the first time in mid-October. We want to see castles and odd, out of the way interesting things like caves and local attractions. We will have 4-5 days and plan to visit Chinon and Amboise and all in-between. I speak French pretty well. Any suggestions on sights, restaurants, the top 3 castles in each area? Anyone like the Segway tour of Amboise? I will be there to speak French and absorb! Thanks

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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"the way interesting things like caves" How about a cave where they sell wine? I was last there 7 years ago, so who knows if it's still in business or operated by the same jolly-old-soul (who didn't speak English). But if you're looking for it, it's pretty easy to find. From Amboise, head towards Chambord along the road that parallels the south bank of the Loire. The cave is right along the road... exactly where, I forget, but you'll see it.

Posted by Dina
Fontainebleau, France
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There's Cave des Producteurs not too far from Amboise that is a series of large limestone caves used to store wine. It's not owned by a particular winery, but you can tour the caves, learn about them, and then do a tasting of various local wines. Tours are in English and French, although at different times of the day. Since you speak French, and like caves - if you are up for a long day, you can journey over to the Grottes d'Arcy and check out 30,000 year od cave paintings. There's not as many as you'd find in Lascaux, but these are the real deal. Tours are only in French, so not a typical tourist destination. Another option for you since you like Castles, would be to venture out to Guedelon to watch the construction of a Medieval castle using Medieval methods.