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Just returned from RS SCANDINAVIA TOUR.Need help deciding on which tour to take next year. I have narrowed it down to RS Best of Adriatic which includes Mostar and DuBrovnik. Or RS Turkey. I need some input,please.

Posted by Gretchen
Andover, MA, USA
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Hi Betty,
I don't have an answer for you at this point. Can you tell us why you narrowed it down these two? What are your interests? Do you want to go a particular time of year? Maybe this will help us help you. Also, usually in the middle of August, RS announces the new tour dates, etc. for the upcoming year. Maybe you should wait to see what works for you. Maybe they'll even offer some new/slightly different tours. The actual catalog usually comes in early-mid September. I agree it's hard to pick because there are so many good ones! Just assume you'll keep going back (on the tours or on your own) and eventually you'll get to both places. :)

Posted by Charlie
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almost the same post elsewhere on this web site

Posted by Ann
Staten Island, New York,USA
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I never thought I would go to Ireland, it was not on my "bucket list", but I was looking for a RS bus tour to go on and did not know where I wanted to go to for that year. So I started looking at all the RS scrapbook photos that previous RS tour members sent in and loved looking at all the photos. Looking at all the photos gave me plenty to think about and what there is to see and do. By looking at the scapbooks, it helped me decide to go to Ireland. If you are planning to go on the RS Adriatic or Turkey tours, look at the photos on the web site and read the tour comments. This will at least give you an idea of what the places look like and what the other tour members liked. Also if you have access to YouTube, you can search the places the tours go to and there are tons of videos that will show you the places. It is great to see the places before you go and you get an idea of what the country looks like. Have a great trip.

Posted by Ann
Staten Island, New York,USA
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I forgot to add that I also liked reading up on places by reading the RS guide books and this helped me find out what there is to see and do in each place. You may be able to take out the RS guide books from the libray. Read up on each country and that will help you decide which tour you want to take.

Posted by Galen
Dallas, United States
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I can't compare the Adriatic and Turkey tours because we've only done the Turkey tour of those two. And it is amazing. You get bigger cities (Istanbul and Ankara), the very interesting Cappadocia area, and several archeological sites, especially Ephesus. With a good guide, it is an excellent tour.