I'm going to Copenhagen in early September for 4 full days. Any MUSTS while there/ Also is a day trip to Lund and Malmo Sweden a good idea? Thanks

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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I very much enjoyed the Statens Museum for Kunst (roughly, the national gallery). I'm not a huge art afficiando, but I like seeing how the various nationalities of Europe developed their own art idioms in the 19th century. Denmark seems to have gone the way of winter, misery, illness and death. If you've seen the original Danish version of The Killing (and if you haven't, you must!), you can appreciate a clear stylistic antecedent in the paintings in this museum.

Posted by Kira
Seattle, WA, USA
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Great suggestions from Tom and Michael! For me, I would add the Danish Resistance Museum - but it's been closed since an arson attack (!) in April. Boo. :-( I'd also add the Rosenborg Slot - which is a very fairytale looking castle that houses the Danish Crown Jewels. If you like that sort of thing, they're pretty nifty! Rather than go to Sweden, if I were going to make any sort of foray out of the city on a 4-day trip, I would go to Roskilde, check out the awesome cathedral, and visit the truly wonderful Viking Ship Museum. Roskilde rocks. Otherwise, I'd just stay in town for the whole 4 days. There is a LOT to do and see.

Posted by Michael
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Bill you have enough time to do Copenhagen right. First,Copenhagen is not a cheap city. In fact prices are really high, but we think it is a great city with alot of fun things to do. Here are some: Tivoili Gardens would be my first stop. A great old time amusement park with some great places to eat. We took both a boat and bus sightseeing tour. Places we returned to and IMO worth returning were Nyhaven, Kronborg Castle, Frederiksborg, Christiania, and without a doubt Carlsberg brewery. If you like to shop strolling down the Stroget could be a all day venture. If you feel like a beer go a store and buy a few, half price or more then a cafe or tavern. Have a great time. We loved Copenhagen. We didn't go to Lund or Malmo. Next time.

Posted by Harold
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I haven't been to Copenhagen in over 20 years, but one of the most memorable things I saw was the Frederiksborg Slot (Frederiksborg Castle) in Hillerød, a quick train ride outside the city. I'm not usually a "castle person," but this one is in a lovely town, surrounded by a moat, and was quite nice. I was less taken by the Louisiana Museum than other people seem to be, but if that interests you, it's also easy to see from Copenhagen (train then bus). Look into the Copenhagen Card. For my trip, it saved a fortune, since it covered admissions and transit for the whole region (the only extra I had to pay was a supplement for the Louisiana Museum; everything else in the last paragraph was completely covered). I also used it to go to Tivoli a few times, as well as some other attractions in Copenhagen itself. I have no idea what it covers now, but particularly if you're taking daytrips, it could be a good deal.

Posted by Rosalyn
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I agree with the others. With just four days, Copenhagen and the surrounding area offer much more interesting sights than Lund or Malmo. In addition to what has been mentioned, you could consider a visit to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the Open Air Museum, or the town of Dragor. Especially if, as one poster said, the Danish Resistance Museum is closed, Dragor offers a glimpse into that heroic activity in the local history museum. It's also quite picturesque, with many thatched houses and nice streets to amble around. Note also that any one of the side trips mentioned, by me or the others, is much closer to Copenhagen than Lund or Malmo.

Posted by Bill
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Thanks to all, great info, I'll probably skip Sweden and see sights recommended close to Copenhagen. Thanks again.