backpacking through europe

hi there. my daughter and i would like to take a trip backpacking through europe. it probably wouldn't be for another 3 years, though. i want to do some research online, but i can't find anything about backpacking through europe. i don't even know where to start (as far as planning, etc).

Can anyone point me to any good online info about backpacking through europe?


Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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Most of what you find regarding "Backpacking" is really just light traveling, with the addition of a sleeping bag and maybe a tent, both of which are used only part of the time. Most backpackers stay in Hostels and take the trains or buses between points. With this definition, Rick's books are pretty good resources, especially "Europe Through The Back Door", which talks more about how to travel than just listing sights. Otherwise, Lonely Planet and Let's Go guides are written for the backpacker/budget crowd and have lots of good info on cheap lodging and campsites.

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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Much of what you'll find in Europe Through the Back Door is printed, in full or in part, in the Travel Tips section of this Web site. I suggest you read the articles now to help you get a handle on traveling independently in Europe on a budget. Then consider buying the latest edition about a year before you go so you have the latest information and a more complete picture.