Switzerland in November

My family is planning a trip to Europe. Our oldest son is studying abroad in Switzerland and we are picking him up at the end of his semester in mid-November. We are ending our trip in Barcelona (we have 2 soccer loving sons, 20 & 16), but we thought that we would spend some time in Interlaken first. Our family loves outdoor adventure. Unfortunately, mid-November seems to be off season in Switzerland. Is it still worth visiting or should we look to go somewhere else? Thanks!

Posted by Ted
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I have been to Switzerland in November and it rained a lot. My understanding is that this is typical for this time of year, so it is not a good time for the outdoors.

Posted by Marcus
Kansas City, United States
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Ditto. Personally I'd head to Italy. Its glorious that time of year. Crisp nights, drier and zero tourists.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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AnnHall, That time of year is probably not the best time to visit that part of Switzerland. As the others have mentioned, the weather could be cold and possibly rainy. You shouldn't have any trouble getting rooms in Interlaken, but many of the Hotels in other parts of the Lauterbrunnen Valley will be closed then as they transition to ski season. Northern Italy could be a bit rainy and cold then as well, but Rome and south may still be reasonably decent. You might check historical weather charts to get some idea on which places might be best. Happy travels!