two nights away from Berlin

My wife and I are taking our first trip alone since our children were born 3 and 1 year ago. We have 5 nights in Berlin booked but are looking to round out 2 other nights at a nearby city. I am thinking that Prague or Vienna look nice, does anyone have any comments or other suggestions? Thank you.

Posted by Emily
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How about Dresden? It's a very short trip (2 1/2 hrs by train) from Berlin and is easily one of the most underrated cities in Germany.
You're going to love Berlin. It's my favorite!

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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I'd go for the Harz region. Werningerode is a nice place to spend 2 nights. Wien is too far for just a 2-night stay.

Posted by Beatrix
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This looks like a short trip so I would try to keep transportation time as short as possible. Neither Vienna nor Prague are really nearby. You'd have to fly to Vienna, Prague is about 5 hrs by train. There are wonderful destinations much closer and worthwhile: * Dresden - great if you like history, chateaus and museums * Hamburg - experience another large but very different German city
* Harz/Wernigerode - to see a beautiful example of small town scenic Germany

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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If you want a city of equal size of Berlin but with a completely different character check out Hamburg (90mins by train), probably the most beautiful German city. If you want history, baroque architecture and a smaller city, visit Dresden. It's called the Florence of the North and you'll see why. Take a steamboat tour on Elbe river... If you want to explore small-town and rural Germany, which is the actual Germany, do the Harz mountains. Quedlinburg for example has got a picture-post card old town with half-timbered houses etc. Or what about the seaside? Stralsund is a beautiful history town by the Baltic Sea coast. Or consider Warnemünde as an actual seaside resort. It's all within a 3 hours radius of Berlin.