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thanks for the link Philip. It was very interesting and informative!

My favorite:

Smartphone + empty toilet roll = instant boom box

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"Make every inch of your carry-on count ..."

Or maybe just don't try to take so much stuff to start with.

I like making grilled cheese or bacon and eggs on the iron. Whose iron?

Yours? Probably save money by going out rather than buying a new iron to replace the one ruined (cheese in the steam iron?) by cooking on it. Or, with all the space you saved by making every inch count, bring along an electric skillet.

The hotel's? Save enough money to go out by not staying at a hotel that provides irons.

My partner just added, "How do you explain to the firemen that the bacon grease caught fire on the iron?"

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Too much money hanging around at Air Canada + one desperate writer short of ideas = one stupid article

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reading tips from the rich and famous about how to save pennies . . .

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I think I could make a decent cesadia using a hotel iron and some foil. The bacon (five minutes) and eggs (in an open foil "pan") sound like a mess and maybe worse.

I agree with Lee about packing. It's better to reduce your load than perfectly filling every inch. Whether you manage to get your stuff in or not, you still to have to lug it your entire vacation.

I liked #39. I haven't used photoshop much, this may be a reason to start.

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number 12 says he always carries hand wipes and later admits that he's a "germaphobe" no kidding!!!

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I think this was a fun read. I'm with Michael on the boombox suggestion being the best. :)