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10 full days in europe. please advise which region to go

HI , i got a really good deal to stop in europe for 10 days from 3rd , 5:00 am to 13th 9: am from Toronto. the only catch in this is the port of entry, which is dublin(due to code share with etihad, my final destination is abu dahbi). I am traveling with 2 children, both under 10. My wife and kids have never been to europe, so I want this trip to be memorable for her. She is more interested in experiencing the real europe, its culture, history & museums, monuments(buildings), promendaing/walking on the "european streets" trying the local food. She is fascinated with French culture though. She is least interested in shopping. We don't drink liquor (so bars, pubs and all that sort of attractions are meaningless) and we want to skip all the churches and cathedrals in this trip. Therefore we were planning to skip dublin altogether(i may be wrong).

I have been to london many a times and every trip lasted for a month. so for me london is like been there done that kind of the thing. I am not sure my wife will enjoy london, but again I have been there so many times that for me its like Toronto but bigger and better. Upon through thought I chose 3 options, I don't know which region is better for us. A friend, who is a frequent traveler to europe advised me, based on my needs that Austria(Vienna/Innsbruck/Salzburg) will serve the purpose with either London or any other France or both to feel the real europe. My children are flexible as parks are there every where and they like horse riding and children museums etc.

Please advise if there is any other better alternative or should I consider Austria(4 days) , France (3 days) and London (3 days or 4 if i skip dublin) or Amsterdam, London & Paris or Dublin, London & Scotland or Italy & Austria or just Lodon & Paris. I am sure I am getting too excited but as I said I want to make a good trip for my wife.

I have booked a temp day hotel in dublin to wear off our jet leg for few hours and I can either fly to one of those cities or spend the whole day in dublin and fly the next morning. I can add/delete austria, london, paris, amsterdam, venice or any other city. Please help. My trip is very near so I need to book flights and hotels.

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Are you the same poster who has asked several similar questions about European vacations starting from Dublin? You've received some excellent suggestions in the past few weeks, but always delete the threads. Have you asked your wife what cities in Europe she would like to see?

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London and Paris get my vote. If London is to you just a better version of Toronto, spend 3-4 nights there and the rest in Paris to let your wife enjoy/fulfill here fascination with French culture. Your kids will also be happier with fewer moves from place to place

London may be 'routine' to you but for your wife will be new. London has museums that should keep her occupied for a few days.

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CJean-- Yup, you got it.

I think OP is used to traveling solo on his business trips and fails to appreciate that traveling with 2 kids under 10 is not the same as his solo business trips.

Also it seems he has not been happy with the forum responders advising that he cannot see six places in 10 days, or that it is ill advised to do so.

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hi . yes i posted it twice. I was little confused. Now I have finalized my itinerary. Thank you so much for the help .