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10 days Trip amsterdam , germany ?

Just beginning to plan August 2015 family vacation. Total time of 3 weeks. 8-10 days staying with friends from England. Haven't decide which we are doing first stop will be but Depends on air fare. Traveling with our 2-13. Yr olds and older 2-28 yr olds kids. So many choices! Thinking of 2 nights in Amsterdam. From there to Frankfurt.(not sure of the cheapest way to get there from Amsterdam ) Rent a car there and drive to Rhine for day trip. Next Rothenberg for 1-2 days. Drop car off in Munich for 2days. ( not much into museums but want to see Dachu, maybe walking tour and beer gardens). From here possibly train to Salzburg/bertchengarden . Wanted to see Switzerland alps but seems pretty expensive for trains ect. Open to suggestions. I know will be busy but want to let the kids see as much possible!

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if you all have any likes/dislikes it would help giving suggestions.

There are also guide books out there that can give you some hints.

happy trails.

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Help me with my math. This is 6 people traveling together? Have you thought about what kind of car will hold 6 people and their luggage, plus the costs of fuel? This is going to be a mini-van. Gas costs about 9$ a gallon right now, so not sure if this is cost effective for you.

You have lots of time to plan this trip, so you might want to think about taking the train from Amsterdam to Frankfurt, then train down the Rhine rather than use a car. If you really want to have a mini-van, I would get it after your Rhine visit, but drop it off when you get to Munich.

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I did check and we can rent a van from Frankfurt pick up and munich drop off for $88 per day including the extra charge for insurance. If we did tain travel only, which pass do we get? I keep looking at train passes and it is so confusing! We have 2sets of twins, 12 yr olds and 28 yr olds. So I know the 12 yr old are cheaper.

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Hello angiet34,
Ten days on the Europe continent. I recommend, if you travel from England to Amsterdam :
Amsterdam - two nights.
Train from Amsterdam to St. Goar in Germany (at the Rhine River), via Koblenz. Two nights at St. Goar.
Train from St. Goar to Rothenburg. One night at Rothenburg.
Train from Rothenburg to Munich.
Rent a van (or mini bus, or micro bus) at Munich, for travel in Bavaria near the Alps mountains and the border of Austria.
Return the van or mini bus or micro bus to the rental business in Munich.
Ride in a train from Munich to Salzburg in Austria. A day trip to Salzburg from Munich is possible. Or stay at Salzburg one night. Return to Munich. Fly from Munich toward your home.