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10 days in Europe but not sure where to go

Hi everyone- My husband will be at a conference in London in mid-Sept so his airfare is paid for and we were thinking of heading over for the 10 days prior to his conference. We are toying with spending 10 days in Ireland or Scotland but with air travel throughout Europe being fairly cheap we're open to other areas. We spent 2 weeks in Spain in Dec so Spain not on the agenda.

Anyone have suggestions for a good 10 day trip? We usually try to spend at least 2 nights in each city/town and like a mixture of cities and small towns.

I know the possibilites are endless, but this will be my second trip over and I feel like I want go everywhere but I know I can't!


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Fly into London- train to York 1 or 2 days. Train to Edinburgh 1 or 2 days. Train to Aviemore 3 or 4 days. Train to Inverness 3 to 4 days. Train or cheap flight back to London. One of my very favorite trips!!!

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The good news is that September often offers fine weather in much of Europe. (It's Europe, however, so there are no guaranties in that department.) You've already experienced a mediterranean culture (Spain), so why not diversify the cultural experience: A nice trip might be Munich-Salzburg-Vienna (and I'm not just suggesting it because I'm a big Vienna fan!). Another option might be Amsterdam-Brugge-Paris. The opportunities are endless! Prague-Vienna-Budapest? (I'm sticking with 3 stops because, for me, that's about the max I'd want to do in 10 days. But that's me.) To narrow it down think about some connections you MIGHT already have w/ Europe: What's your heritage? Maybe it might be interesting to visit the starting point of some long ago ancester? Are you a wine weenie? If so, I recommend Burgundy or Alsace. Interested in ancient history? Try Rome. Castles? Take a Rhine cruise. WWII? Normandy. In other words: maybe your interests are the best place to start. It's hard to go wrong! So much to see. Since you will no doubt be back, resist the urge to see too much, too fast. Best of luck to you!

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Check out "Budapest...Worth a look?" on the TO THE EAST board.

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How about taking the chunnel train to Paris for a few days. You could do that and also go to Wales or Scotland or just explore central and south England.