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10 days - arriving in London- paris - amsterdam what else is possible

Dear friends -

I need an itinerary for 10 days trip. I am arriving in London. Plan to visit Paris and Amsterdam. What other city can I visit in my timeframe. Please provide me with suggestions and itinerary tips.

Arriving and departing from London 19th july - 1st Aug.


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Have you traveled to these areas before? Also are you including your arrival and departure days? If you take the train to Paris (probably around same price as flying but less time) and then to Amsterdam those two train trips would eat up a day so you have three days in each city. I would advise to just do those three. If you want to do two days in each city and have to visit another city I would do somewhere in close train travel. Maybe after landing in London go to Edinburgh then back to London stay there then to Paris and then Amsterdam.

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How many nights do you have and what time of year? From where do you depart?

Both London and Paris are worth a week-or-more each so I would have a hard time telling you to add in Amsterdam much less a 4th location unless you just want to say you have been there and check off the list.

If, as I suspect, you only have 9 nights, 5 London, 4 Paris, and I hope you are flying out of Paris.

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I will also say that those 3 are more than enough. We had 13 nights last year and only did Paris and London.

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I am flying into London on the 19th of July and flying out of London on 1st Aug.

If I include Edinburgh and bath what would be my best route.


I have family in London, but it is my first time visiting them. Please suggest if this trip route would work?


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Consider dropping Amsterdam and Edinburgh and concentrating on just London and Paris. You can certainly squeeze them in, but I'm afraid the trip will be awfully rushed. Your arrival day will probably be pretty much shot depending on arrival time, jet lag, and just getting acclimated. That leaves twelve full days. You will probably lose the better part of two or three days getting from Paris to Amsterdam to Edinburgh and back to London. That only leaves ten days (at the most) split three or four ways. Since you'll probably want to do a day trip or two from London (and have family there) and Paris, there will be more than enough to keep you very busy in just those two places. You want really good memories of places, people, food, and etc., not just blurred memories of train stations and airports. Don't mean to sound like Debbie Downer, just offering food for thought.

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I am flying into London on the 19th of July and flying out of London on 1st Aug.

"Arriving" London on the 19th? ( Or flying out of where ever home is on the 19th and arriving London on the 20th?)

In any event, your proposed travels ( LONDON - EDINBURGH -BATH- LONDON- PARIS -AMSTERDAM - PARIS - LONDON) is beyond my comprehension of why one would want to try to go to so many places in so short a time.

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Why so much backtracking to London and Paris? You would be spending far too much time in transit for my taste.

Bath can be done by train from London as a day trip. You say a 10 day trip, but your given dates suggest 14 days. If only 10 days on the ground, pick one other place plus London. If you have 12 days, you may just manage to squeeze in another location. An open jaw ticket would have made more sense.

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Just stick to the UK, plenty to see. If you were flying back from the continent you could entertain sites out of UK, but you aren’t.

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You need to check your math. Jul 19 - Aug 1 isn't 10 days. It's 14. 13 nights. And since the first and last days are transatlantic travel days, they don't count as time on the ground.


Have you invented a teleportation device? Or have you looked at any of the train sites to see how long it takes to get from one place to another? While physically possible to get to all these places, it will leave you almost no time to actually see or do much of anything once you get there. And will leave you exhausted in the process.

With 3 intra European transit days, even your first idea of London, Paris, Amsterdam is a very aggressive plan. And you would have to return to London by the evening of the day BEGORE you return home, losing another day that could have been better spent elsewhere. A multicity ticket into London and out of Amsterdam would have given you an extra day of touring, and saved the expense of a train back to London.

I agree with the others that you need to reconsider your plans. Bath is easily done as a day trip from London. Forget Edinburgh. The best you can do is 4 nights in London, 4 nights in Paris, 4 nights in A'dam, and the last night back in London. Don't forget that each of those stays will lose a half day due to travel to the next place, giving you only 3.5 days in each city.

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I'd say keep it to London and Paris. You'd have saved time, and probably money, by booking your homebound flight from the last city you visit, but it's too late now if you got a non-refundable ticket. Use the Eurostar to get to Paris and back. It will also take you between London and Amsterdam, but if you want to travel between Paris and Amsterdam use the Thalys. The sooner you make these reservations the less they'll cost.

Get your accommodations lined up as soon as you can, July is busy and fast approaching. "Explore Europe" on this website can give you lots of ideas about things to see in each city with your limited time. Don't even think about adding a fourth, fifth, or sixth city unless you want your memories to be mostly of planes and trains and stations.

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Not knowing where you're coming from, this is what I'm assuming you could do. You're already at the airport, book a flight 3-4 hours after your expected arrival time and go to your furthest location.

  1. Travel to London.

  2. Arrive London. Fly LHR-AMS.
    British air, 1hr20m. Cost around $100.
    Sleep Amsterdam.

  3. Amsterdam.

  4. Amsterdam.

  5. Thayls train to Paris. 3hr18min.
    Runs hourly. Cost today $68.
    Sleep Paris.

  6. Paris.

  7. Paris.

  8. Paris.

  9. Train, Eurostar. Paris-London.
    2hr35m. Cost today $84
    Sleep London.

  10. London.

  11. London.

  12. London.

  13. London.

  14. Travel home.

Most flights departing from North America arrive a day later. If in fact you arrive at LHR on the 19th. Add the extra day to Paris.

If you decide to do this, book your trains asap. Their prices go up as the time of travel gets closer the same as the airlines.

Hope this helps.

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How about flying into Edinburgh and out of Paris? Rent a car after you spend a few days in Edinburgh, and enjoy the drive south to London. Drop off the car in London and then spend time in London. Take the Eurostar or fly to Paris. Enjoy Paris. Then fly home from there. Skip Amsterdam.

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Gerri's plan makes sense to me if you want to see all three cities in the time you have. Good idea to reach your "outermost" point on your jet-lagged arrival day if you can.

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I think OP is locked into a RT flight to London. However, this is a classic example where a open jaw ticket -- into London and home from Amsterdam would have saved both time and money and would have provide the time enjoy three cities without back tracking a lot of time in a train.