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1 week Greece or Turkey?

Hi All --

After a 12 day tour of Europe, my husband is going back home and I have an extra week in Europe by myself.
I was wondering what is a better option Greece or Turkey?
I will be in Frakfurt and flying from there to either of the countries is fine. I want to only be in one country for a week due to minimizing expenses. Also, I will be by myself, so which place would you recommend?

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AS a women alone I would choose Greece over Turkey, I have been to Greece( specifically the islands of Paros and Mykonos for two weeks) and travelled as a young lady with a friend and other then alot of flirting found it fairly safe. We only spent one day in Athens as we did not find it quite as "safe" feeling, it being a big city and all. The islands are welcoming though. My friend then stayed an extra week alone on Corfu and had a great time.

I have not been to Turkey but another friend went with her husband, and found the attitude towards women a little less pleasant. She was glad to be with her hubby.

Personally I wouldn't actually choose either, I would hightail it to Paris, where I have been alone several times and always felt very safe and even dining alone there is normal.

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I would do greece as well. Its awesome and the people are very friendly. I was just there last month. No worries. I'd be worried about some of the military activity in Turkey right now wouldn't be my first choice and being a woman alone NO WAY! You will LOVE Greece!!