1 month-where to go

I have about 1 month - 5 weeks to spend in europe. I want to take a trip to see lots of different places and a lot of the famous sites. What would be a good plan of places to see and times to spend in each city. I am a freshman in college so I will have a somewhat tight budget.

Posted by Tom
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Check out the Let's Go travel series, which is specifically designed for budget-conscious college travelers. Rick Steves' book series is intended more for an older audience with a steady income.... the key point being here that most of his recommendations aren't in your budget range.

Posted by Charlie
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While you may not want to spend the kind of money that is costs to take a RS tour, his tours are not just for older folks. I just returned from his 13 day Turkey Tour where our ages ranged from someone who celebrated their 21st birthday to a very young 88 y/o who never slowed down. Having taken 9 RS tours, I do find that the average age seems to be getting a little older than when I started taken them 10 years ago. Not sure if that relates to economics or the itinerary. All tour members have all been young in spirit tho.

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If you're on a tight budget you can't begin to afford the transportation costs, let alone the eating and sleeping costs in the big cities alluded to in the first response.

If you're on a budget, consider maybe Spain and Portugal since they are the most economical.

What you really need to do is pick either an area or an interest and concentrate on that your first trip -- or maybe go somewhere and really work on a language. You can't shotgun the continent on a budget.

Posted by Michelle
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If you are between 18-35, you may want to consider AESU, Trafalgar's tours for those in that age range, Contiki, or Kumuka. Better yet, why not Busabout? The passes they sell are reasonably priced, and it's like being independent - they drop you off and pick you up from centrally located hostels. I'm doing Busabout this year and if I win the lottery, lol, I will definitely do them again next year - I got a pass for just $535, accomodations at hostels in 11 cities for less than $800 total (even with Oktoberfest shooting up prices in Munich) - now all I need is to get the airfare. Oh, and if you drink,
it's best to buy food in supermarkets with the rare fast food or fine dining meal. Saves you BIG $$$!!!