1 day cooking class in Italy

I read somewhere (obviously can't remember now!) about a 1 day cooking class...possibly in Tuscany where the chef will pick you up, take you to his restaurant and give a short cooking class followed by lunch. Price: about 45 euros/person. Anyone know what I am talking about?

Or,does anyone know of a similar situation in Tuscany (or between Florence and Rome...we will be driving)? I am looking for a one day class that doesn't break the bank.


Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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My wife and I have both taken a 1-day 6-hr cooking class in Florence and the cost was closer to 250 Euro per person. I don't think that you will get too much cooking time for 45 Euros. Check out www.cordonbleu-it.com and www.divinacucina.com. Both schools are in Florence.

Posted by laura
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I bet that is the place I read about!

Too bad we are not going to make it to Como...our trip begins in Lugano. Wrong lake.

Hopefully someone else will have a suggestion for Tuscany. We are not looking for a whole day affair, just something EXACTLY like what is described at that link in Como. In fact, it is not really the "cooking" part that is important. I am just interested in a fun experience.


Posted by Gela
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Laura, I did a day trip to Tucscany with Accidental Tourist. It's pricier - but it may fit your requirements. You can choose cooking class (you make pasta for lunch), walking tour, etc. I did it a year ago May and it was a great tour.