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Weather in May

I am going to Paris for the first time in May. Wondering what type of clothes to pack for weather (Day and night)? Any tips would be helpful! Thanks

Posted by janettravels44
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We went to Paris for many years during May, sometimes for the whole month as we are this spring. It is highly variable. We have been there often when it is cold and rainy and sometimes when it is warm and beautiful. Sometimes within the same week. Layers. Check forecasts at the last minute of course to adjust. I'd have a lightweight trench or rain garment that can be layered underneath useful in cool wet and cold wet weather. And have pants/tops and lightweight jacket. Make sure you have a very warm sweater or polartek or down vest or whatever that you can layer under the raincoat. In May I am usually in jeans, light cotton turtle and a light jacket -- on the days I am not in the cashmere sweater under the trench. Rarely I am in T-shirt and light travel shirt. Make sure you have at least one pair of waterproof shoes. I have lightweight hiking shoes from REI that are good on the streets and waterproof in the rain and are fine under black slacks.

These are all snapshots collections shot in May -- as you can see there are people in shirtsleeves sometimes and jackets others.

Posted by Pam
Troy, Idaho, USA
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I’ve only been to Paris once at the end of April/ first of May and it was last year. I goofed because at the last minute I took out the long sleeve shirt I usually throw in and just went with short sleeve tees, a long sleeved Lands end cotton sweater and a waterproof (not water-resistent) rain jacket. It was 33 degrees the morning I landed at CDG and stayed pretty cold for a couple of days. While it warmed up and I was eventually fine I was pretty chilly the first few days. I won’t make that mistake again of ditching the long sleeved top to save a few ounces.

If you’re asking for a packing list, I did a thread during that trip about what I took. I travel solo and I don’t really dress up and go out at night. All of my evening dining choices can accommodate me in my clothes and shoes from the day.

Also had a few comments in my Trip Report for that vacation.

Posted by brushtim
Vacaville, Ca
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My girlfriend and I were heading to Paris at the end of May and beginning of June in 2016. Up until about 4 days out from our trip the weather was listing as low to mid 70s w/clear skies. Well, 3 days before departure a storm came in and the trip ended up being mid to upper 60s, cloudy with rain off and on for a few days. So dresses, shorts & sandals were taken out of the packing plan. Jeans, Dockers & Capri's did the trick with our tennis & hiking shoes. We had already planned on bringing a coat for the evenings, so we just added our light weight rain coats w/hoods & had them with us during our days out and about.
Enjoy your trip.

Posted by Brad
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I was in Paris May 2017. It was variable. It rained a little, not quite enough to buy an umbrella (I had a waterproof shell). It was cool to cold in the evenings and early mornings but comfortable on the cool side in the afternoons. Pack in layers so you are ready for cold and wet but not overheated if you have nice days.

Posted by doyle501
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I was so happy to see this question as I will be traveling in France the 2nd half of May. All the advice is great but I am still not sure what shoes to get/bring especially for when we will be in Paris. Any specific recommendations would be appreciated.
Thanks for the help!!! Lyn