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Traveling with Europass Family 24h Mini with 12 year old Strasbourg

Not sure if anyone can help me but...We are staying in Gengenbach for 3 nights in the Black Forest and then staying in Strasbourg for one night before flying to Provence.
I understand the Konus card I receive from my hotel will cover the trip from Gengenbach to Kehl. I was planning to purchase the Europass Family 24 h Mini. However, my daughter is 12 which according to their rules will cover her for the train ride from Kehl to Strasbourg but not the metro trams in Strasbourg as that portion is for under 12. crazy confusing I know?? Should I buy her a separate Adult Europass mini or just pay as I go for her tram rides? I could just get the 24h tram ride pass in Strasbourg.
Also, does the Europass 24h mini cover my trip from Strasbourg to the airport the next morning or do I need to purchase a separate shuttle ticket or should I get the regular Europass 24h?
These rules are super complex for families that's for sure.

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Thanks, I see it. Wasn't sure if this belonged in Germany or in the France forum.