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Separate ticket transfer at CDG 2E to 2B with checked bags

We will be arriving from the US at CDG on Delta, which I understand usually means arriving at Terminal 2E. For reasons that are too convoluted to explain, we depart 5 1/2 hours later on a separate ticket for Casablanca, on Royal Air Maroc, which I understand is likely to be Terminal 2B. We will need to pick up our checked bags, which I'm assuming is outside security, check in at RAM and recheck our bags. And we'll need to pass through who knows how much security, passport control, immigration, emigration, asylum application, refugee accommodation and CIA interrogation to do that. :-)

Can anyone provide, or refer me to, an easy to understand explanation of how best to accomplish such a transfer? We are not afraid of (in fact would welcome) a long walk; our checked bags have wheels.

Many thanks.

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Basically, ignore any signs for transfers, they will not apply to you, simply continue on to baggage claim, you will go through immigration, pick up your bags outside the secure zone, find your check-in area, recheck, go back through security, do exit immigration from the Schengen zone, then on to your gate.

5 1/2 hours should be enough time, not sure how much walking, but lots of standing in lines. I am sure you realize that by having carry-on only, you avoid virtually all that except walking to your next gate, but one must do what one must do.

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luggage can be super slow at CDG so5.5 hours is prudent. We had priority bags and again that appears to mean nothing at CDG. Our bags didn't arrive. We talked to the bag lady who said 'they were checked in at the carousel loading here at CDG so they are there'. But they weren't and we had been there so theft was unlikely. Turned out a bunch of bags got trapped in one of the carousel ramps and someone had to go down and free them so although immigration literally took about 5 minutes once we got there from the plane -- baggage collection took over an hour. We have had it take even longer.

Once you have the bags then you are just at the airport to check in so find your terminal check your bags and go through security 3 hours should be enough.