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Plan B, C and D re: Train strike

We are scheduled to leave Arles June 2 to Colmar via Nimes. I'm trying to get some options in place, but not sure if I'm making things better or worse. We can take a bus to Nimes an hour earlier than the train to at least get there and then see what happens. But by doing this, does my option (if strike affected) to take the next available train route disappear because I'm not starting the journey as originally planned. Also, it appears that the one route from Nimes is the only direct one in the day. Again, if it gets affected, does that mean I would have to wait for the next direct one, assuming I do not want to refund my original tickets and buy new ones or can we get on another, less direct one. I guess I'm looking for some advice on whether to try to get to Nimes by bus, or just leave things as is. As of now, I don't know if any of the routes are affected or not.

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Trains will be running, but only at reduced levels. Some advise 5 out of 10 trains, others 3 out of 10 running.
You will have to check your particular train to see what's happening. Check the website on which you purchased your ticket.

During the strike, if you can't get on the train you already have a ticket for, you can get on the next train, or the one following, using your original ticket. You might not be assured of a seat, though.

If you'd like to avoid all this mess, you might just take the bus and try to get a refund for your train ticket.

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As a follow up. Because the SNCF website kept telling me to check back later, I went down to the train station and played around on their ticket machines, trying to "buy" tickets for the same route. Found my Arles to Nimes was fine, but Nimes to Colmar was cancelled. Checked for later in the day and an Extra Train was added 4 hours later, with no option to buy tickets. Since it was quite quiet, I also double checked with the one ticket booth and got the same answer and that our seat reservations would be the same. Looks good, just delayed.

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Chexbress has given you good advice.

We are in France now & the best advice I can give you is to go to the train station in Arles today & find out all your options.

We had train tickets for today, but changed our tickets & traveled yesterday ( Annecy >>Avignon) because our train for today had been noted to be cancelled.

As Chexbrex has mentioned, there are limited trains running throughout France.

Today we took the train from Avignon to L'Isle sur la Sorgue. Normally, there are several trains that run this route, but today there was only one train scheduled.

Hope this helps :)

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In the case that you had taken a bus to Nimes instead of train, that would have no affect on the validity of your next ticket. Unlike airlines, there's no formal check-in and no extra penalty if you miss a train.