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LOL - Disney

Lol-we will not be visiting Disney.

Suppose it is not too likely that the school children - on vacation - will be flocking to museums, Versailles and Reims!

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Not too sure why anyone would care whether you visit DLP or not.

Since you don't mention what time of year you have chosen, I have no idea which school vacation period you are referring to. Are you only referring to French school children, or children from other countries who may be in France at that time? And why would you assume that families with children would not visit those places?

Edit: I see from your previous threads that you are adding new threads instead of replying to existing ones. Please use your existing threads unless starting a totally unrelated subject.

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ihcal, to add a reply to one of your existing threads, just click the blue "Add reply" rectangle at the bottom of the thread, type your reply in the blank box that appears, and then click "Add reply" again.

I believe you meant to reply to this thread...

...versus start this NEW thread? That's why posters are confused; they haven't seen the thread that prompted your "won't be visiting Disney" comment. Make sense?

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Now that I understand that this is a continuation of prior threads,... yes there are a lot of families from all over Europe in Paris with their children right now. You are unlikely to run into them on a Champagne tour, however. I was in Paris last week and left Paris two days ago just as the French fall vacation was under way.

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I can tell you the trains are packed. I was lucky to get one of the few remaining seats on some trains I needed to take and I'm not looking forward to my train this Sunday from Beaune to Lyon. Open seating.

I was at rhe car museum in Mulhouse today.....lots of families with kids.

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Meanwhile we took 5 TGV trains recently and always had our reserved seats waiting for us, even with cars full of kids on their way to fall camps and excursions. All the trains were pretty full.
From Frank II, it sounds like the local TER trains were full.

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I've had good luck getting pretty expensive seats on trains even sort of last minute in the past -- not this trip to Lyon -- where we paid top prices and the train was full -- There are lots of kids in Paris at museums as well -- we have really noticed it. I guess I should pay attention to the French and neighboring countries school schedules.