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So many thanks and a question ..

So, many thanks for the advice offered to me on October travel.
It looks like mid to late October is a better time than early October.
However, I recall reading about a holiday break for school during the last week or so of October and into early November.
So, it appears I am betwixt and between trade shows and school break.
Advisable to plan the trip for the third week of October?
And, there was mention that October could be a terrible month - hoping that refers to weather!
The joys of travelling and that which we have no control over
As always feedback is wonderful!

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I hadn't seen the comment on your other thread about October some years being "terrible" so I asked that poster for a clarification. I, too, assume it is referring to weather.

I had a lot of rain the last of Sept/first of Oct and then another round of rain last week (so the 3rd week of Oct). There are enough indoor things to do in Paris that it didn't really affect me except the day some friends and I went to meet up with other friends for a drink and had to slog thru a gully-washer to get a cab.

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You might be overthinking things slightly. School breaks have little to no impact on Paris crowds - if anything, they reduce crowds as families who can afford it tend to leave town.
Likewise, I don't know that early October is worse than late October - personally, I would happily trade an extra hour or daylight for slightly larger crowds.
In other words: October is pretty good overall, so just go when it works best for you!

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Yea, you're really overthinking this. October is fine, any month is fine that fits your schedule. There will always be something going on that will have no affect on you unless you're into it and want to go. I have never taken into account school breaks or conventions when making travel plans. I Just look at weather, hours of daylight, if it's a costal town will things be open etc,

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Conventions can have a significant effect on travel plans sometimes -- I sure wouldn't want to try visiting Glasgow this week. Normally you find that out when you wonder why no hotel rooms are available for your planned visit, or nothing less than $600 a night, and you need to rethink the itinerary. But that is rare, especially in a big city like Paris with lots of rooms.

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We were just in France first week of this month…Oct. Rain in Normandy first 2 days…then dry and windy last 2 days. Normal for there. To Paris then several days. No rain. Mid 50’s,..low 60’s. Just take rain gear anywhere in Oct. No regrets with our timing….

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"There is no bad weather, only wrong clothing." Layers are the answer.

There's a lot more daylight in early October than late, that would be the deciding factor for me.