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CDG to BVT airport

How long and cost for getting from CDG to BVT airport, which I can't find. It's either this or waiting in CDG for 10 hours for a flight to Venice.

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And for those of us don't speak in airport codes, it is helpful if you actually use the name of the airport/city.

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I have a feeling you may mean Beauvais . . . in which case you might as well just wait at CDG for 10 hours.

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I suspect you mean Beauvais, BVA?
In 2005 several of us flew Treviso, "near Venice" to Beauvais, "near Paris" neither of which is actually near. We found that the time to get to and from these airports was a nuisance and too time consuming for our valuable vacation time. Decided we wouldn't do that again! It took over an hour to get into Paris.

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Check Google flights. A lot of nonstop options pop up.

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That is not a practical connection.
There should be plenty of flights to Venice from CDG. If it is not on the same ticket, allow perhaps 5 hours between flights to play safe in case of delays on the incoming flight.

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It might help you could share with us what exactly you are trying to do?
It seems from reading your posts here and on Italy forum that you are trying to piece together a flight ending in Venice.
Are you flying Denver to Paris? Then just looking for a flight to Venice and you are NOT staying in Paris at all til AFTER Venice?

You want your full itinerary to be booked on ONE ticket with ONE airline/or partner. Booked with the actual airline- not expedia or kayak or whatever.
You want to look for a "multi-city" itinerary or open jaw (not 2 one way tickets)
In to Venice, Out of Paris.
You can then fly Venice to Paris on a smaller airline on a separate ticket or take the train.

There should be a number of solutions that get you from Denver to Venice without the added time, hassle and expense of changing airports in Paris- especially since you are not spending time there on your way to Venice.
(at least that's they way I read your posts and using dates you have mentioned in other posts 4/11- 5/4-- I see United has that itinerary- DEN thru MUC to VCE, then CDG thru ORD to DEN for about $500 RT)