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Americans can now go to France with some restrictions---but no quarantine(?)

This article is interesting and I checked another source that says Americans can now go to France without quarantine as long as they have had a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of arrival or agree to have one on arrival for free. (As of today.) The testing, as of now, is only at CDG.

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Yes, no quarantine, but unfortunately the article linked below (also linked in the OP's article) states that there has been no change in which people were allowed to enter from high-risk countries (IE, pleasure travelers need not apply.)

"France is not permitting general travel to and from the 16 countries, which include the United States and Brazil. The testing requirement therefore only applies to people entering under limited circumstances: French citizens who live in these countries or citizens of these countries with an established residence in France."

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Another poorly written article. Sorry Frank.
Again only citizens, family of citizens and visa holders can go. Badly done article.

Testing upon arrival only through tomorrow, Aug. 5th. After that, one must have the test and results in hands from within the preceding 72 hours in order to board the flight from the US. The people from countries allowed to test at CDG are from poorer countries. It takes 48 hours for results and the gov asks people to quarantine until results arrive, but there's no surveillance for now. The news from France is on our TV as I write.

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According the French Consulate in Los Angeles website, people traveling from the U.S. to France who hold a negative Covid-19 test document (done within the past 72 hours) may travel to France. Do they mean everyone or just those with EU passports or residency? How did the Americans get through today?

There needs to be one organization people can turn to that keeps information up to date. Too much confusing and conflicting info.

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The Rob from Northern California in the article probably has a resident visa or a special work visa. I've been on the websites of the French Consulates in Chicago, Washington, and New York these past few days. On one of them I saw a large banner clearly saying no tourists.

In fact, things are tightening up. Masks outside will be required very soon in many places, including Paris. Even we, overseas French citizens, could be barred if cases continue to rise. The government is nervous about the increasing infections among family groups, vacationers, European tourists, so the test at the airport was decreed, as well as outdoor masks.

I keep a very close, up-to-the-minute eye on the situation in France.

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This is from the Los Angeles French Consulate website. Pretty clear who from the US can/can't get in right now...

"It is also important to note that, in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, the external borders of the European Union and the Schengen Area have been closed to travelers from the United States since March 17 and that, in this context, only those persons who fall within one of the categories mentioned in the exempted international movement certificate for travel from abroad to mainland France are authorized to enter France:
This information will be updated regularly based on further clarifications over the coming days."

Although there is not much I am sure of in this COVID world, one thing I am certain of is whenever the EU (or bits of the EU that Americans like to travel to) opens it's borders to US leisure travelers it will be trumpeted loudly and clearly, with no need to parse through websites.

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It would be easier if they all got on the same page, but the countries of Europe are as dissimilar as the Maine and Nevada.

Doesn´t Nevada and Maine have identical rules governing international border/passport control? They do as elements of the USA and so does France, Spain, Germany as EU member countries. When borders were closed and EU ministers made their list of those who may and of those who may not enter into the EU, all member countries adopted the same criteria as of June 15th. Even the UK, about to end their EU relationship, fell into line and adopted the uniform international border policy.

Within that structure, a few countries have taken additional steps to protect the spread of the virus. Greece adopted a pre-clearance policy requiring all visitors, even those from Schengen countries, to present preapproved paperwork with a QR code, in addition to their passports and proof of residency, France has added a Covid 19 (PCR) test given upon arrival. Residents from three countries, the USA being one of the three, identified as high risk transmitters of the virus, were required to have the test before boarding a France bound aircraft. This requirement and information referencing its implementation is specific to France.

As the virus spreads, some countries have taken additional precautions, but most of the confusion is based upon people who misinterpret basic information or take what they read out of context and post it to social media. France 24 is French news, for the country of France, simply translated into English. It is not written for residents of the USA and its content is not qualified for readers from different countries. Do not interpret its news as being directed to you as a US resident, because it is not. The English version of France 24 is read/watched by Anglophones throughout the world to include those in Australia, South Africa, Canada or anywhere else where someone might be interested in French news translated into English.

When France opens its doors to those from the USA, it will be announced in a press release from the Ministière des Affaires Etrangères and no doubt widely published in all print/news media.

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American tourists face bans and restrictions across the world amid shoddy pandemic response

And in our own backyard. My state, Maine, borders Quebec, but I can't get there. After our France trip in April was cancelled, we shifted to Quebec, but then the border shut down. So we decided to make tentative plans for Quebec in October, figuring the border would open by then. Now it doesn't look so good. Canada's outbreak was pretty bad at first, but they did a good job of getting it under control. Not so the US; I don't blame Canada for not wanting to let us in. Although interestingly, the 3 states I'd drive through to get to Quebec (Maine, NH, and Vt) have 3 of the lowest infection rates in the US.

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No, no, no.

I think Stan or someone has linked to the thread where I most recently debunked this myth.

It remains true that American leisure travelers are NOT permitted to enter France.
The 72-hour negative Covid test has to be provided by those who meet one of the VERY FEW exceptions to for people coming into France from the United States (they are a French citizen, or they are a medical professional helping in the Covid fight).

For example, if i were rich and didn't have to work (and thus didn't care how long I had to quarantine anywhere), I could go home to the States and visit my parents.

I could then return to France, because i am a legal resident here.. However, before I could board my France-bound plane in Tulsa or Atlanta or wherever, I would have to provide proof of a newer-than-72-hours negative Covid test. I would have to show it again upon arrival in France.

The truth is, there's nowhere in Oklahoma that I could get a test result turned around in that kind of time. So as a practical matter, I can't go home. Because i can't meet this French requirement to have a <72hrs negative Covid test.

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For the few who otherwise qualify to enter France, yet find a 72 hour PCR test out of reach, there are two possible options to follow:

  1. Contact the nearest French consulate as they have special access to testing facilities which can give fast results. A French consulate can set up an appointment for you. Emailing is best.

  2. Use other than a non-stop to fly a final US to France segment. Current testing rules only apply to those arriving directly from the USA. Routing through LHR, AMS, FRA or some other airport will avoid the testing necessity as it is a French requirement only, not an EU requirement.

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The French are imposing those conditions to attempt to contain a serious disease.

Why would you want to evade them?

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It's odd to me that it takes so long for most of the country to get a PCR test back. Here in the Upstate of South Carolina, we have 2 hospital systems that do drive-through testing and routinely get results back to people the next day.

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I know what I'm writing applies to very few people but I'll chime in because many people have written me asking about the testing situation. Hopefully, it can apply more widely in the near future.

The French government is aware of the crack in the system. Yes, a person who is allowed entry could fly via Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Iceland, and a few others. Those with Air France tickets must test. it's reassuring that everyone on my plane will have been tested even if it was three days earlier.

We've been researching the test since the decree was issued, Thanks to those who answered my question on the Beyond Europe forum, we found a lab in northern Virginia that is sending the PCR tests to us and we are sending them back priority overnight. It's best to look for a lab to save time. Otherwise, the best we could find was "In most cases 48-72 hours" but we need the time limit guaranteed at 48 because the first 24 is taken up by shipping. This lab, Resource Path, is guaranteeing the time limit.
(I will call the consulate again to see what Tocard is talking about. This is brand new to me; my last call we ended up in a gallic quarrel. )

This lab, Resource Path, is on the DC Consulates website, along with some other now-invalid listings. NY has done a good job contracting with 4 MDs and a lab in NJ to help the large French community in NY, but the Chicago consulate lists only what a few constituents have reported and only for Chicago. For a lot of states the consulate websites just l link to State Health Department websites. Not all consulates help equally. To use the NY services from my state, we'd have to quarantine in NY for 14 days first.