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Eating in and around Dijon

I'm traveling to France for 10 days in July. I'm starting in Paris and ending in Nice, but in between I was hoping to stay in Dijon. Unfortunately, those days include Sunday and Monday and it appears you have to go hungry on those days. Can anyone provide some help with regard to finding meals on Sunday and Monday??

Thanks, in advance!

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I see what you mean - selection won't be huge. But in most cities of France, Italy, Spain, etc, where a particular closing day is popular, I've still never starved. Here's one randomly-selected-from-Google-Maps restaurant that is open 7 days/week in Dijon:

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Hi Jon,
If you check out the 5th and 6th headings on the trip report below, you will find a couple tips regarding Dijon. Whereas the headings will not directly answer your question about meals, note that the landlady mentioned there, Coco, would absolutely have every answer that you may require. Her rental is both excellent value and well-located.
Dijon is a fairly large town, a city actually by Euro definitions, and in such places there are always a few eating options. Again, your hotelier or gestionaire (property mgr) would have the info you seek. Good luck and have a great trip.
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