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Wheelchair friendly eatery in Florence

Florence is a wonderful city however when in a wheelchair one must consider barriers such as steps, narrow doorways and a place that allows one to either eat while sitting in the wheelchair or will park it in a safe place while you eat at table. In Munich the extremely busy Hofbrauhaus would not permit the wheelchair in the restaurant, with good reason but removed the wheelchair and placed it in the entrance hallway where we could not see it. With a little difficulty a waitress seated us and the rest of the experience was a thrill given the pretzels, beer and um-pa-pa band. In Florence on the other hand about 2 blocks from the Doumo we found a wonderful little bar in a covered walkway that had both interior seating and exterior tables. Its name is Eby's Bar. We pulled the wheelchair into an empty table (no steps to worry about) and were warmly greeted by the waitress. The tables were in well traveled walkway giving a great people watching experience. The meals, we had two, were both delicious and inexpensive. Our favorite was their prosciutto and provolone crepes. Its located near the intersection of Borgo Pinti and Via Dell'Oriuolo.

Pat Beaton, NJ USA

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Thanks, Pat, for sharing your experience. Sidewalk tables sound like a great, easy-access option in good weather. As smoking bans are enforced inside bars and restaurants across Europe, outdoor seating is popular for more of the year, with space heaters (or perhaps even blankets) provided.