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Something that makes yearn to return!

Augustiner beer, either brewed in Munich or Salzburg is my favorite beer of all time.

The potato salad at Andechs Monastery will have me coming back! I ate it in 2010 and still long for more! The beer there isn't bad either and ties as my second favorite beer in the world.

The best lunch I've had in Europe was the Duck Gizzard Salad at Schwendi Bier & Winstub in Colmar France. Actually that might tie with a lunch of sausage, cheese, bread, and some fruit eaten anywhere in Europe!

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The baguette in France.. its simply to make the same here, the flour is different or something. The different pates.. here everyone goes "ew" if you say you love rabbit or duck rillettes.. well I love nothing more then some baguette and pate and a glass of wine.

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Pat, I have never had rillettes, but a baguette, rillettes, and a glass of wine does sound mighty fine!

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Anything at all in Paris but especially cafe creme & pain au chocolat for breakfast, a simple ham and cheese baguette for lunch, dinner at a lovely restaurant along with a carafe (or two) of red wine!

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Any of the bread-I can never find anything as good here. Europeans just seem to know how to do bread so much better than we do. German breakfasts in general. I really look forward to the breads, cheese, yoghurt, muesli. It's my favorite meal of the day when I am there.

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There are several things that make me yearn to return. Among these are the Creme de Melone at Cantina du Sciacchetra in Monterosso and the incredible taste of the nidi di rondine pecorino e miele at Trattoria del Moro in Orvieto. Yumm.....

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Some of my favorites:
big soft German pretzels.
the beef stew at Cafe Constant, Paris
profiteroles - anywhere in Paris
falafel, at L'As du Falafel, Paris
hot chocolate, at Angelina, Paris
French green beans (haricort vert)
duck confit, at Cafe du Marche (and virtually all over Paris)
Polaine bread, France
peach melba sundae at Berthillon ice cream parlor, Paris
fresh pasta with fresh white truffles, Italy
any Italian gelato

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Pizza from La Bussola on via Porta Rossa in Florence! Next trip we will return there.

Anything from 3/4 Takt in Vienna

Anything from Lenz in Munich near the Hbf

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@ Rob,

food is not the major reason i will return. I will return for something i want to see/do but didnt on my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th...ect trip there. However, when i do go back, i will be getting some food that i like and trying something new.

happy trails.

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French baguettes w/ an espresso
Any Italian dish with fresh pasta

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Currywurst. I found a shop in NYC run by folks from Berlin that did great currywurst, so at least there's a restaurant on this side of the pond that does it right.
Pfannkuchen/Berliners. They're just slightly crispier than American donuts, and the fruit filling is real, not fruit-flavored corn syrup.
Pannenkoeken. Kind of a cross between pizza and crepes.
Kölln Schoko-muesli. I can get Dr Oetker brand from germandeli, but I like Kölln better.
Not Europe, but the hummus in Santo Domingo was plate-licking delicious, whether I was in a hole-in-the-wall bar or a tin-roof shack restaurant in the middle of the city. The truck food was to die for, too.
The best meal I ever had, though, was dinner at a friend's family's home in Schweinfurt, with sausage, cheese, and beer that had all been made right there at home. Yummm.

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Bosna sausages from the Balkan Grill in Salzburg and the Augustiner beer that goes superbly with them!

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The mixed grill in Croatia, specifically cevapcici (sausage), kajmak (soft cheese) and lepinja (a pita/ English muffin hybrid). Add a some chopped onions and Ajvar. they do it best in Rijeka at the Wonders of Meat Grill ( loose translation) near the pool in Kantrida. will be there this July and can't wait.