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Restaurant suggestions for Milan and Varenna

We are going to Northern Italy in October.
Does anyone have any good restaurant suggestions (like a trattoria level)? thanks

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Pam, I think I told you we just loved Milan, and enjoyed the food there. Our only complaint was we couldn't ever find wine by the carafe or 1/2 liter, only by the glass or bottle.

At our first visit to the place I referenced upthread, I asked for a 1/2 liter, and when the server said glass or bottle, I ordered a glass each for me and Stan. The canny server said, "You know, if you're going to have more than one glass each, it's cheaper to buy a bottle." And so it was. And it was downright tasty, as well.

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Hahaha...great story Jane! Well, since I'll be on my own, no way can I manage a bottle and get myself back to the hotel!

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thanks for all the suggestions. Jane of Ohio, I will be very interested in hearing how the Hotel Gran Duca di York is as we will be staying there for 3 days in end October.
I have notated the restaurants that were suggested.
thanks again.
Keep on traveling--AND STAY HEALTHY!

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Il Cavatappi in Varenna but you need reservations which they do by email. It’s very small and the food is excellent which means they’re booked way in advance.

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We booked IL Caminetto in Varenna and Trattoria Milanese for our one dinner in Milan. We haven't been to either one, but researched only. Hope they're good!