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Low-Residue, Low-fiber diet in Europe

Hello, RS Travelers:

I am headed to Europe in a few months. Due to recent illness I must eat a rather restrictive low-residue, low-fiber diet, such as those recommended for Irritable Bowel syndrome. No raw fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, skins or spices, such as garlic, onions, pepper. Awful!

Any advice as to how I can survive Austria, France and Italy?

Thank you.

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You survive exactly the same way with the same types of food as you would traveling in your home town. It will put a dent in your total experience since the food experiences tends to a major factor. It may mean that you will have to spend more time in local grocery stores buying what you need and planning on more picnics. Get in the habit before you leave home. Will this be a temporary diet? Or forever ?

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Your profile doesn't show your home country. And you didn't describe your budget level. But even if you are in a low-end hotel with limited breakfast options, they will at least have cheap sliced meats and cheeses at breakfast. Plain white baguette pre-made sandwiches are everywhere. You should find out what kind of non-tomato sauces you can have on pasta. Look at other diner's pizza to see if has herbs on it. At a sit-down restaurant, there is menu to read, and you can always scrape off any misunderstandings. You'll also meet a majority of waiters who answer you in English.

It's not that hard. You're an adult, these are advanced countries with better health care results than the United States has!

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This is a good subject for discussing with your doctor, or his (or her) nurse. You will find meat and cooked vegetables (potatoes without the skins) in those countries, and that would be allowed. I would also assume that in most restaurants they would be happy to accommodate you by leaving out certain items if you tell them of your dietary restrictions when ordering. You mentioned "low-fiber diet, such as those recommended for Irritable Bowel syndrome." I have had this illness, and what was recommended to me was, in fact, a high-fiber diet. So you should definitely have a talk with your doctor to get his (or her) suggestions.

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If you are allowed to eat potatoes, it is quite possible to order a main course in a traditional restaurant in Austria that consists only of meat and potatoes.

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Under these circumstances, I would choose hotel rooms with kitchens - called "aparthotels", or rent apartments, for any location I'd be in for more than a couple nights. You can eat what you can find at restaurants, but always have the option of going back to the room to supplement your diet by cooking plain chicken (or whatever you like and can eat - I'm not familiar with the diet). Find out where grocery stores or butchers are and the local words for things you can eat to help with shopping. Keep foods in the fridge or pantry so you always have something.

Going to local groceries is an adventure, and if you look at it the right way can be a fun part of your trip.