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Italy-Places to eat

Hello all,
I am going to Venice, Florence, Sorrento, and Rome in July. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good places to eat/have a drink! My future hubby and I are foodies and we love wine!
Thanks in advance!

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We were in Sorrento and Rome in 2013 and are headed back to Italy August 2015. The food is wonderful and we mostly stayed with recommendations from the Rick Steves guide book. While in Sorrento, you should try Inn Bufalito and Ristorante Pizzeria Lanterna Due, both had great food and atmosphere. In Rome, our favorite was Osteria del Gallo (ate there twice, get the panna cotta) and Ristorante Pizzeria da Francesco both near Piazza Navona. Dar Poeta in Trastavere is great for pizza. Have a wonderful trip!

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You can check out Enoteca Corsi, which is serves cheaper and better food than most other restaurants in Piazza di Spagna in rome. Its main course starts from 12 euros and for pastas they cost around 10 to 12 euros.

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You might consider Trattoria Da Romano ( ) on the island of Burano in the Venetian lagoon. It is known for a fish risotto and seafood in general and was featured on Anthony Bourdains show. Everything I have heard is good related to the food, but popularity has made tables scarce, some indifference on the part of the staff, and reports of a fixed 12% tip...not sure if any is true, but do some looking.

In Naples, on your way to Sorrento, you must also have pizza from one of the old pizzerias where it all started.

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ruzveltkatya, "only pizza and spaghetti", no way! Each region of Italy has it's own specialties, which must be tried.
Fegato alla Veneziana (Venetian Liver), saltimbocca alla Romana (Rome), Minestrone and lots more, all served with the local wine.

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Since you're "foodies" and love wine, I'm going to recommend a place for wonderful food that's also an event. Take the cooking class at "Cooking Classes in Rome" with chef Andrea Consoli.

We still talk about what a great experience we had that day back in September!