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Italy Dilemma: Gelato!

So many flavors, so little time. We enjoy the gelato place in Florence that is right on piazza Della Signoria - across from Palazzo Vecchio. It's on the main street - something like "calaziouli." We know it's a bit expensive; but damn, it's good. The blackberry and wild berries are tops.

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Gelato is one of those things that I don't look at the price before ordering! And it isn't embarrassing at all when they recognize me year after year! Give me three scoops every time!!!

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Any gelato shop with metal tins, the authentic hue of green pistachio, and fresh fruit piled on top of the fruit gelato is a signal to stop & enjoy a scoop!

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Mmm...gelato. Great, now I'm drooling and thinking about stracciatella.

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My favorite place to get some gelato is right near the Palazzo Pitti on Piazza della Passera. The BEST coffee gelato I've ever had in my life.