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Hema Tip, Amsterdam

If you have the Rick Steves guide to Amsterdam, you will see the Hema department store briefly mentioned. The store in the central station was our mecca. I bought a cheap but good-looking black sweater there, and we twice loaded up on wine, croissants, cheeses, and delicious prepared foods such as sandwiches and wraps. Everything was HIGH-QUALITY and cheap. The prepared food was better than we got in some restaurants during our European trip.

EDIT: Thanks to Sam, who noticed that I said everything was "low-quality"--the opposite of what I meant. I shouldn't have written this report while I was jet-lagged. The wraps and sandwiches were better than any we've gotten in the U.S.

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I've never had a problem with anything from HEMA. We have branches in the UK now too.

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I didn't visit Hema while in Amsterdam but I made good use of the prepared foods at the Albert Heijn grocery store at the Museumplein--cheeses, meats, snacky things like olives and pickled peppers, pastries, sandwiches, wraps and salads; one salad proved irresistible to a crow that spied the blue and white bag on my window ledge and tore into it, ate all the cheese and chicken.

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There are four Hema's scattered around the city center. The largest being the one on Muntsplien, near the flower market and next to the now defunct Marks & Spencer.
I too prefer the Albert Heijn convenience stores for prepared foods. Same prices better quality.

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Hema is opening a store in Frankfurt on the Zeil on 10 Nov. and am looking forward to going there.