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Good Restaurant in Stockholm for Vegetarians?

I am planning a weekend trip to Stockholm in February with a friend. We'd like to check out a few nice restaurants in the evening in Södermalm. Both of us are vegetarian. Do you have any tips for us where we can find some good places?

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Hi Wrball,
-For the last 15 years or so I have been a 95% vegetarian...there are a few specific meals I haven't given up. I spent 4 full days in Stockholm last spring, and I based on Södermalm. I did not go to a purely vegetarian restaurant on Södermalm, but I'm sure they have them there and your hotel will likely refer you. When I don't want to hunt for vegetarian food I often go Italian, as they often do vegetarian naturally. I went twice to a nice, small, Italian restaurant: Nostrano. You won't see the name outside clearly, but the sign is just a large fork. The address is Timmermansgatan 15, 118 25 Stockholm; Telephone: 08 - 644 10 35.
-For lunch or a quick dinner, take out/eat in type of place, not fancy obviously, go to Falafelbaren, Hornsgaten 39; It is allegedly well known throughout Stockholm and it was delicious...I'm particular about my falafels.

-Also, keep your eye out for potato risotto. I had that in Northern Sweden and it was wonderful.