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Gluten-free eating in Cinque Terre

My family of 6 is visiting CT in May. 3 of us are gluten-free. Other than the foods that are obviously GF (fruit, vegs, meat, etc...), how does that area of the world rate with providing GF options in grocery stores and restaurants? ex. GF bread/pasta/cracker choices? Thanks!

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Lots of seafood in that area and larger grocery stores do carry GF items all over Europe. Also, many restaurant will accommodate GF. However, if you are celiac, I would be very careful eating out.

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It is said that Italy has a very high percentage of celiacs in its population. You will surely find gluten-free products in stores.

It's also very common to see menu entries for gluten-free pastas, and I assume the same is true of pizzas. The EU requires information about the contents of restaurant dishes be available to diners; look at the bottom of the menu or on the last page of a bound menu. I cannot guarantee that no restaurant will make a mistake resulting in cross-contamination.

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This is good to know! I am gluten free and my youngest daughter is gluten sensitive! I’m hoping we don’t have to pack too many of our own snacks/bars!